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Bringing Music Tech On Your Tee

Posted on May 31, 2016

C.VOX is a Gurgaon based tech company driving innovation in the field of wearable technology, and tech-fitness sports apparel. Their goal is to make a positive impact on your active life by enhancing real-time performance and experience while you are on the go.

So, when I was presented with a Music-enabled T-shirt at the annual Runner of the Year awards, I was quite fascinated by the stuff, to try it out and see if this is something which can actually work for us runners.

C.Vox T-shirts

How Music Benefits Runners

It is well known how music impacts running. Not all runners prefer to run with music, but there are some definite benefits for those who do:

  • Music can sometimes make running feel easier, lowering perception of effort.
  • It provides ongoing stimulus and generally leaves you feeling more positive.
  • It can help you run to a target cadence (say 180 spm), depending on your choice of music and the beats per minute it generates.

There will always be pro and anti music camps, but if I were to generalize, music helps a majority of runners enjoy their exercise. And, C.VOX tech T-shirt enables that for runners by providing built-in earphones to put on in your ears, and a built in pocket to place your mobile phone or music player inside and to keep it from moving around too much while running (which is quite important).

C.VOX Technology

Here's how the music enabled T-shirt works:

C.Vox Jogging T-shirts

  • The earphones come out of the tee neck, and you plug them in to your ears. No struggling with the loose wires hanging down to the phone or music player in your shorts or waist pouch.
  • The internal wiring connects the headphones to the pocket at the tee bottom, where the phone gets connected. The pocket was good enough to fit my Nexus 5, though I think anything larger would struggle to get in.
  • That's it. Basically, you start your music device, put it in the pocket, and you are good to go on your run!

Technology embedded T-shirts

Now comes the tough part. What happens when you get down and dirty, and the tee needs a good wash. Tech comes in here too to your help. The earphones are detachable. Remove them, wash the tee, and put them back on. It's quite simple really.

T-shirts with embedded audio technology

Now some tough questions. All this tech goes into one tee, so when I need a tee change, and this one's not washed up, I am locked out. The technology stays with the tee, and does not move from tee to tee. So, this means you basically need to buy as many tees as you want to use in your running with music on. You may be able to do with one, other folks may want to have a couple to make the job of switching tee easier if one is in the laundry.

Where To Buy

Finally, all this good stuff is available on the official website - cvox.com. Check out the stuff there, they have a wide variety of music enabled wearable tees and jackets. The tee material is 70% polyester, 20% polyamide and 10% elastane, which is good stuff for a running tee.