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About Us

Journey Till Now

There is a Dramatic difference in what you could do and what you actually do!!!

Your mental makeup and the stories that you continuously keep playing to yourself, are the fuel that powers you to be ahead in the game. Consciously or unconsciously, it is your mind that plays a key role in determining your progress. Running is about stamina, technique & strength and mainly this mental makeup & hearing is the only viable sense that impacts mental strength and determination while running.
Audio can be utilized for brain training in many aspects including boosting confidence, relaxation, and building a greater focus.

The biggest trick that can unlock your potential as a champion is a seamless audio guidance at every single step of your run.

The Market is overwhelmed with Headphones/Earphones aimed at runners. You can see plenty of reviews in Magazines and Blogs around, where they talk about them. But the Question is - 

Are they doing enough?? We attempted answering some of these questions to establish clarity for runners across the world through our R&D and Product Development Skills. To conclude, the critical aspects that help runner to be more effective are:

  1. No Pulling of wires anywhere: All Embedded in C.VOX
  2. Stable Earphones - Specially designed to stay snug while you run, with multiple size ear buds
  3. Reliable to have the perfect audio experience even while running
  4. Coaching while running- By the means of impactful audio sessions that enhance focus
  5. Awesome audio quality

At C.VOX, we took it as a challenge to build best in class performance gear that would be comfortable to wear& with a technology that empowers you to shoot out for your fastest sprint!

Extensive R&D by our team of researchers, engineers and fitness experts lead to the C.VOX tech-embedded performance wear

But, our research didn't stop here as the next challenge was to ensure that they stay the same, even after multiple washes, which you can see in the Audio Running Gear by C.VOX

This is just a beginning. We are actively researching on innovations like embedding bio-sensors in our performance gear, which can keep athletes aware about their critical body metrics, through audio alerts, while they are training. The focus is:

  1. Audio / Hearing being a strong contributor as an input while one is running or doing a fitness activity, 
  2. Need for real time information, 
  3. Strong value addition that enhances one’s productivity at the end of the day

Try any of our products today and discover what thousands of delighted runners are waking up to every morning- an immersive running experience that just lets you focus on what you want to do the most—run wild, run free!